Couple attacked by ‘ice junkie with shovel’

Lee Walker in hospital on Monday after being attacked with a shovel. Photo: FacebookA young Bunburycouple attacked outsidetheir home on Monday by a stranger allegedly suffering a drug psychosis have spoken about their terrifying ordeal.
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Mother-of-one Stephanie Skilbeck told Radio 6PR she feared for her life aftera 41-year-old man allegedlyjumped their fence and stolea shovel from their backyard before attacking her partner, Lee Walker.

“It was about 7.30am in the morning and my partner’s car wouldn’t start, thank goodness, otherwise I would have been there by myself,” she said.

“We were out the front trying to start it and our neighbour came over and said someone’s just jumped your fence.

“[The man] just walked around the side of the house and he already had a shovel in his hand which was from our backyard and came straight up to me and told me to be quiet and said he would hit me.”

Ms Skilbeck, 19, who was holding her 10 month old baby at the time, screamed for her partner and raced next door to give her son to her neighbour.

By the time she returned, her partner was wrestling with the man on the ground..

“I just jumped straight in and tried to grab the shovel off him and Lee was still wresting him so between the two of us we managed to get the shovel away.”

Ms Skilbeck said she warned the man she would hit him with the shovel if he did not get off her partner.

“He refused so I hit him about four or five times with the shovel before he let go of him.

“I don’t even think he even realised he was being hit, I don’t think the pain registered.”

Mr Walker, 24,remained in hospital on Tuesday after requiring surgery for his injuries on Monday night.

In a Facebook post, he described the man who attacked him as an “ice junkie”.

Police later told the couple they believed the man had suffered a drug-related psychotic episode and may have thought he was being chased.

It took two police officers and a neighbour to hold himdown to be cuffed.

Police also allege the man hadearlier that morningpunched a doctor in the face and stolen her car outside Bunbury Hospital.

He has been charged with aggravated robbery, stealing a motor vehicle, making threats to kill, acts intending to cause grievous bodily harm and trespass.