Final four teams close

On target: Murray Bridge Blue’s Gerry Penta lines up to send his bowl down the green in his Division One match against RSL on the weekend.Division OneAlthough not many people wantto think it, a recurring thought keeps coming to mind; that the final four bowls teams has already been settled.
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Now wouldn’t that be a tragedy!

Tailem Bends team is not going well at the moment so that leaves RSL, Meningie and Karoonda to mount a challenge and that is unlikely to happen.

To install much needed interest there should be a final five, and that is not just to help Tailem Bend out.

It would create an incentivefor all the bowls teams that at this stage will never make a final four as they arelower down on the ladder.

The Jervois, Murray Bridge and Mannum sides are so strong.

It is not about bringing them down, it mightsimply give one of the other teamsa taste of the finals.

Karoonda vMeningie

This is the second to bottom team taking on the bottom, with both on twopoints so this gamedoes command attention in its own right.

Meningie is fresh off a demoralising loss while Karoonda was well beaten but not shown up too much, although one rink was well beaten.

In view of the present situation and with the game being played at Karoonda there is simplyno choice other than to pick the locals to win by 11-20.

Jervois vBridge Blue

This as one of those fixtures that would draw an enormous crowd if all other games were cancelled, both are undefeated and playing for top spot which will make for a spell binding clash.

That is what this game will be and head on as well.

Let’s have a look at the skippers as they are the ones in charge and the motivators of the teams.

The BridgeBlues havePaul Smart who is undefeated as well as Gerry Penta who is also undefeated, both arebig winners.

Brian “Ruby” Traeger stumbled once but is normally a gem of a player.

Plenty of class and good players there.

Over to Jervois;Andrew Stasinowsky; twowins and a narrow loss, big time player and a match winner.

Blake Fiebig; twowins and a draw, proven skipper in first rate company.

Graeme Herbert; twowins and a loss. Herby is still learning the trade, he has had a few big wins and can be electric.

All are big time players.

There is the potential for the match to go either way but Jervois has gottenthrough against a bit sterner opposition than what the Blue’s have tangled with.

The margin will be between 1-10 shots.

Tailem Bend vBridge Gold

After last Saturday what more can be said about Gold’s result?

It was a massive and fantastic win but if I were a Goldie I wouldn’t be getting too excited just yet, admittedly there was Ash on the green but it must be remembered they were beaten by RSL and their twowins were against sides well outside the four.

Skipper Darren “Winx” McIntosh is undefeated and full of confidence, Charlie Di – Santo has won twoof his three gameswhile Peter White who had to steady the ship has won one of his twooutings.

So they are not the certainties a lot might think.

In fact Tailem Bend mightbreak through for a much needed win.

Sam Shepherd, Mark Martin and Duane Edwards must be at their wits end grappling with the sides shocking start to the season, if the players don’t stand tall in this one then the finals are out of the question.

It will be played at Tailem Bend and that’s is the main reason for saying Tailem can win by 1-10, defeating Bridge Gold.

RSL vMannum

RSL didn’t go the pace with Bridge Blue but that will be the case with a few sides; Mannum hasn’t really over impressed either but with each win brings points, that is what it is all about and why the side is in the four.

RSL has a history of being comfortable on home ground and a little suspect away from the scenery.

With that in mind there is the chance of a surprise looming on the horizon so RSL definitelyhas a chance of causing an upset in the match.

However Mannum still has a high chance, and the final result will be in their favourwith a margin of 21 -30 shots.

Division TwoThe Bridge colours aren’t going quite as well as they could be, it is early days though and they are well and truly in the firing line.

At the moment it is Jervois Red, Mannum, Karoonda and Tailem Blue leading the way.

Tailem Bend Blue vJervois Black

This is a hard one to pick, Jervois Blackjust missed out last start while Tailem Bend Blueshowed plenty of grit to get through, even if it was only on one rink.

The two sides are evenly matched however the home side will have an advantage,Tailem Blue may pull throughby 1 – 10.

Bridge White vMannum

Even as early as last Saturday the Mannum troops were sizing up Bridge Whiteup while penciling in a few more easy points.

No matter where Mannum plays the team memberswill perform well, all the while grumbling about having to go toanother away game.

The players don’t have to worry about that, Mannum is always a strong contender no matter where the contest is held.

White’s won first up, while they have lost in the past they are still not far away from 4th placing.

They need a win to stay around the mark but this week the Mannum side look like they will be taking the win by 11 – 20.

Karoonda v Jervois Red

Karoonda won their first twoand just failed by twoshots last Saturday, so the teams are right in the running no matter who they play.

Jervois Red recovered after a slow start and now lead the competition after two very good wins.

This match in the shadows of the silos will be a test for Reds and they may not be able to meet the challenge.

There might be a few disagreements about this but the tip isthat at home Karoonda will win by 1 – 10 shots.

Bridge Green vTailem Bend Gold

Bridge Green at home will push a weakened Tailem Gold to the limit.

Bridge Greens have had a loss a win and the bye.

The only thing Gold’s can boast at this stage is the bye and the side will find it hard to break through, in this game the Greens are looking strongand could come out on topby 11 – 20.

Division ThreeBridge Red vTailem Bend

These twohave won a game each, last start Reds struck the powerful Red combination so would not have been expected to survive that meeting.

Tailem Bend on the other hand had a solid hit out that they just failed to snare by fiveshots.

This won’t be any easier, both are placed in the bottom half of the table so there is not much between them.

Tailem’s rate is just a bit the better and maybe able to trap another win by 1 – 10 shots.

Bridge Purple vMeningie

Meningie enjoyed encouraging success last Saturday but will find Purple with Kaye Simes and Brian Densley at the helm to tough to crack.

It could be close for a while, the Meningie teams are good enough to be a nuisance but in the end it could be Purple in front by 21 – 30.

Jervois vMannum Gold

Jervois came back from a forfeit to front up at Tailem and put together a handy win, the players rallied after the forfeit, Ruth Miller put away her tennis racquet to rally behind the cause and might be encouraged to do it again’ this time in Greg“The Man “ Miller’s team.

The Mannum Gold teamisstruggling somewhat but are good enough to snare this one.

The Jervois side is looking goodhowever and they couldget in by 1 – 10 shots.

Karoonda vBridge Green

Karoonda has not been able to break through as of yet and even at home will find it hard to contain Bridge Green even though Greens were well beaten in their last day out.

Karoonda is at home again and it istemptingto back them in, however the Greens are better placed and could come out in front by11 – 20.

Mannum Green vRSL

RSL forfeited the first 2 but fronted up last Saturday and didn’t do too badly.

This weeks game at Mannum may be out of reach.

Mannum Green has won all threeencounters and at Mannum there couldat a gap of 21-30 shots.

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