Hungry thief leaves DNA on food at crime scene

Eye on the pie.
Nanjing Night Net

A THIEF dubbed the “snacking bandit” has been nabbedafter leaving a trail of DNA behind on half-consumed snacks.

Warren Alexander Burman was sentenced in Griffith Local Court last week for a string of break and enters in June, receiving an 18-month prison.

But if not for his insatiable appetite, he might still be free.

During his crime spree, he left behind empty cartons of flavoured milk, cans of drink, a half-eaten meat pieand even a cigarette butt with his DNA.

Burman’s bingebegan on Monday, June 6 when he entered the compound of a building on Massey Avenue in Leeton andcame face-to-face with the temptation of a carton of honeycomb-flavoured milk.

Inside the compound herummaged through a number of vehicles, stealingseveral clothing items including a West Tigers jumper, before forcing open the lock of a building where heconsumedsome of the assortedof dairy products and other food and drink inside.

Burman left behindhis partially consumed flavoured milk, with a side of his DNA,on a pallet in the cool room – before stealing an estimated $800 worth of products.

A second locked cool room was hit with Burman again stealing a number of products, including juice and juice-making ingredients.

He also enteredan office and leaving with two socket sets, a screwdriver set and the keys to his getaway vehicle – a refrigerated van.

During this time he smoked a cigarette, the butt of which he left on the floor.

After loading his bounty into the van he drove it throughthe gates of the compound and left the scene.

The van was later found burnt out on Wednesday, June 8.

The spree continued two days later when at 3am Burman removed a fly screen and jemmied open the side windowof the Leeton Shire Council Depot.

He remained inside for an hour and 20 minutes taking a coin tray from a locked drinks fridge and helping himself to a can of Pepsi Max, which he left on a desk, again with his DNA.

He was still inside when the cleaners arrived at 4am, howeverthey didn’t see him and he was captured leaving on CCTV at 4.48am.

Buttwo days later he was back, climbing the 10-foot fence surrounding the depot and smashing through the same window for his Friday night entry.

Inside he stole a laptop, $20 in change from the meal room fridge, two mobile phones, an Apple Air Ipad, torches and eight UHFs.

After two unsuccessful attempts to open the locked gates surrounding the building Burman rammed a ute from the depot through the surroundingfence and drove away into the night.

The ute was found ablaze later the same day, taking the total value of property damaged and stolen to $21,000.

In his final misdemeanour Burman broke into a business on Acacia Avenue in Leeton at 9.15pm on Sunday, June 12,where he caused more damage, while enjoyinga meat pie.

Burman was again captured on CCTV, this time scalinga 10ft fence anddropping a beanie he had worn in his previous robbery of the shire depot.

After smashing a hole in the fibro wall of the business, which activated the alarm, he went into the office and rummaged through a number of drawers before finding the pie in the fridge.

He managed to nab a digital camera while eating but had to hide behind some boxes when the owner arrived to check the alarm, dropping his uneaten portion.

At 2am on Saturday, June 18 police saw Burman sitting against a shop on Kooyoo Street in Griffith looking at his phone.

He gave a false name but was nonetheless arrested and taken to Griffith Police Station, where he denied both the allegations and hislove for flavoured milk.

Burman could not explain how his DNA had come to be on the milk and cigarette butt from the first robbery.

Burmanwill be eligible for release on June 17, 2017.

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