Jamestown feature ewes make to $234

FOND FAREWELL: Son and father Mitchell and Wayne Vanstone, Port Pirie, wished Landmark’s Holly Hannaford a fond farewell at her last Jamestown market as she is heading to Lucindale.JAMESTOWNYarding: 25,000Young ewes to $2342.5yo ewes to $1703.5 yo ewes to $1724.5yo ewes to $1665.5yo ewes to $152Wether lambs to $110JAMESTOWN’S feature ewe sale had 1.5-year-olds make to $234, while 3.5yos topped at $172, on Thursday last week.
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There were about 25,000 sheep yarded.

Landmark Jamestown’s Shannon Jaeschke said breeding ewes sold well.

“Wether lambs were also sought after, with plenty of feed available at the moment,” he said.

Elders Jamestown’s Jack Coleman said young ewes sold to a softer demand, and were firm to $10 cheaper.

“The best 2015-drop ewes sold to lacklustre bidding with most sales ranging from $160 to$180,” he said.

“Secondary types ranged from $130-$155,holding firm.

“Breeding ewesheld firm and Merino and crossbred lambssold to stronger demand.

“A lot of people commented that the young ewe job was back, but looking around the countryside, there’s not a lot of sheep making more than $200, so I think what we saw on Thursday was a lot more realistic, and what people can afford.”

Topping the 1.5yos were LJ&HA Staker, Jamestown, with 177 February-shorn Babirra/Ulooloo-blood F1-F3 Dohnes that made $234.

Both making $218 for their young ewes were SJ Lemon, Georgetown, with 136 September-shorn and Moorundie Park-bloods, and GS,DK,CM&SL Goodes, Jamestown, for 206 August-shorn Lines Gum Hill-bloods.

N&C Klingner Pty Ltd, Crystal Brook, sold 192 September-shorn Springvale-bloods at $202 and Garawang Pty Ltd, Georgetown, sold 180 August-shorn Baderloo-bloods at $200.

Selling a line of Border Leicester/Merino first-cross 2016-drop ewes, Inverbrackie-blood, for $200 were Wirrilla Holdings, Georgetown.

Mr Coleman said best breeding ewes sold up to $172, but most sales ranged from $140-$160, holding firmto $5 dearer.

Ewes aged 2.5 years sold from$160-$170, 3.5yos made$156-$172, 4.5yos went for$128-$166 and 5.5yos fetched$120-$152.

Topping the 5.5yos were Garawang Pty Ltd with 170 Baderloo-bloods.

Making the highest return for 4.5yos were Kanyaka Props, Cradock, with 260 East Bungaree-bloods. ML Smith, Tarcowie, sold 140 4.5yos at $164.

Pine Drive Trust, Peterborough, topped the 3.5yos with 170 Bradfield-bloods.

Wabricoola Props, Peterborough, made the highest price for 2.5yos with 280 Rices Creek-bloods.

Mr Coleman said2016-drop ewes held firm, with prices ranging from $82-$90.

Best shorn 2016-drop Merino wether lambslifted $3-$5, selling up $105, with most sales making $95-$105.

Secondary types were $8-$10 dearer, with prices ranging from $84-$94.

Best woolly 2016-drop Merino wether lambsheld firm to $5 dearer, topping at $110, but mostprices ranged $90-$100.

Secondary types also heldfirm to $5 dearer, ranging from $70-$85.

Making the top price for wethers at $110 was LJ O’Dea, Peterborough, with 509 Anama-bloods.

Smith Partners Belton, Carrieton, sold 678 woolly wethers, Glenville-blood, with the tops making $108, seconds $97 and thirds $84.

Oulavale Holdings, Orroroo, sold 276 August-shorn wethers, Kilmore-blood, for $106.

Both making $100 with their wethers were JM Lewis & Co, Kapunda, with 325 Greenfield-bloods and RN Bailey & Co, Peterborough, with 200 Springvale North-bloods.

The next Jamestownsale is on Thursday November 3.

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