Letters to the Editor

Axeman’s ShameThe recent decision regarding the lease of the Australian Axeman’s Hall of Fame (AHOF) can be seen as nothing less than a slap in the face for all axemen and women.
Nanjing Night Net

It would appear as though the Latrobe Council has forgotten that the AHOF was built by the axemen, for theaxemen, with very little help from Latrobe Council.

The building was erected with contributions from many axemen, some who have since passed on.

They donated not only many hours of their time, but also machinery and equipment, the lumber as well as financial assistance.

The axemen wanted a building where they could honour the achievements of not only the champions of the chopping ring, but also the legends who carved a living from the bush.

The AHOF has been filled with trophies and memorabilia celebrating these achievements, but this appears to count for little as the Latrobe Council hijacks the building for its own purposes.

The fact that arguably the greatest axeman ever was given the cold shoulder in regards to the lease shows that the Latrobe Council has had the AHOF earmarked for its own plans for some time.

Shame on you.

Stuart Snare, Secretary North-West Axeman’sAssociation

Public exposureIf you want to be a politician be prepared to have your past life exposed.

Donald Trump is in the limelight and many are aware of the past presidents of the USA have histories that leave a lot to that are not an example when in a position of making laws.

Amongst the bunch of politicians you need some like Pauline Hanson that will bring out some truths, and are vocal.

It is sad to see children’s statements on same sex marriage allowed by law voiced on TV because of the company they are in tickling their ears.

Same sex marriage allowed by law doesn’t stop there it brings in other issues on voiceless infants.

We can love people but not love their actions.

Every citizen voter should have a voice. Democracy it’s called.

Maida-Innes Smith, Smithton

Missing the pointStacey Sheehan,Devonport Chamber of Commerce andIndustry President,appears to miss the point in her response (Adv., Sept 29) to my letterquestioning DCCI representations on Living City.

Of course DCCI will be represented and for an organisation that at least on the surface seems to be overly represented by real estate agents, GRP (assume Gross Rental Potential) would be a priority.

Stacey, having quoted “the great Inigo Montoya” a fictional character, my hope as a residential ratepayer is the only correlation with supposed Living City benefit statements is that both do not turn out to be fictional and a more apt quote is “Fezzik, are there rocks ahead?”.

Malcolm Gardam, Miandetta

Double benefitThe State Government’s Fire Commission owns the valuable prime waterfront Victoria Parade Fire and Ambulance Station property.

This location requires emergency services to regularly travel the single lane, slow traffic Formby Road when time is of the essence in saving lives.

Perhaps a relocation to the maternity hospital site on Steele Street could provide two benefits for Devonport.

Firstly it would meanpotentially easier and faster emergency access to the vast majority of local communities and travellers in the region, and secondly the removal of a disgusting blight on the Devonport landscape.

Ray Chaplin, Devonport

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