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PLAIN-SPEAKING: Rory “Rock Dog” Trewhella’s open letter to Premier Daniel Andrews struck a chord with letter-writer Ian Sayer. Picture: GLENN DANIELS‘Rock Dog’talks somesenseWhat a marvellous and heartfelt letter by Rory “Rock Dog” Trewhella on the closure of Radius.
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Surely it is imperative that at least one level of governmentcan finance the reopening of this necessaryenterprise.

So many disadvantaged people will be placed under undue stress by the closure.

This burden could be lifted, if only the necessary money was forthcoming.

The cost is only equal to one trip away for a politician.

Ian Sayer, EaglehawkPrayingsanity prevailsI am sure that like many readers the memories of the Port Arthur shooting remain forever in our memory.

I was, therefore, shocked to read the comments by Bendigo-based Nationals senator Bridget McKenzie calling for the ban on the Adler rapid-fire shotgun to be removed allowing its importation and sale into Australia.

In fact, her comments can only be described as unbelievable!

Given the commitment that John Howard made as prime minister to control guns in this country and the ongoing co-operation of the states and territories, Senator McKenzie’s call is not helpful and potentially dangerous.

Already many farmer and shooter groups around the country have stated that the guns currently available are more than adequate to meet the needs of farmers and shooters in this nation.

It is my hunch that an overwhelming number of Australians do not want to see any compromise to the current gun policy put in place by John Howard.

Other nations look at Australia with envy as to what has been achieved in this nation compared with the rest of the world where firearms are too readily available.

It is my hope that sanity will prevail amongst the political leaders of this nation and there will be no compromise to the present gun restriction policy.

Bishop Andrew Curnow AM,BendigoReducing the heartbreakTo me, there’s nothing more important than making sure our kids, our parents, the people we love, get home safely.

Because after nearly two years in this job, I know that every time we lose a life on our roads, anotherfamily is left heartbroken.

It’s why, since we came to government, we’ve set to work – making sure our roads are up to scratch,tackling congestion, and doing everything we can to reduce death and injuries on our road.

It’s a serious issue, and it deserves our genuine commitment.It’s why I was so disappointed to see that the Liberal-Nationals continue to make false claims aboutregional road funding.

The truth is, the former Liberal government cut $100 million from the VicRoads maintenancebudget.

We are spending $130 million on road surface replacement and repairs acrossVictoria, with the majority of this work taking place on regional roads.

We’re also getting on with planning and pre-construction works on the Western Highway betweenArarat and Stawell, allocating $10 million so far, while we work with the federal government tomove to the next stage.

We also promised that we would lease the Port of Melbourne, while ensuring our regional and ruralcommunities get the support and funding they need.

Which is why more than $970 million will flow to regional and rural Victoria following the lease, inaddition to a $200 million Agriculture Infrastructure and Jobs Fund that will wholly benefit theagriculture sector – allowing for quicker access from paddock to port.We’ll invest in projects and programs that create local jobs and provide the best value for money,and value for the community.

Luke Donnellan,Minister for Roads and Road SafetyThis story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.