Mat meets Matt

GOODWINS: Mat and Matt at Tony’s. Brilliant strategic photo bomb by Nathan Fascianelli.Two blokes with the same name came face-to-face for the first time in 13 years in Ulladulla recently.
Nanjing Night Net

It’s not like they’d been avoiding each other, but Mat Goodwin had never spoken to Matt Goodwin.

They knew mutual snippets – like Matt’s wife and Mat’s mother are both named Maria. Both are retailers. Both love fishing. They regularly leave a trail of confused staff when they make various appointments around town. The Tax Office has more than once raised an eyebrow.

And whenever they go to vote, well, it’s a Donald Trump micro-nightmare.

A photographer finally introduced them at the opening of the new Tony’s restaurant when he thought he heard an echo in the room after taking Mat’s photo.

The snapper kept moving and moments later asked for a name to caption his next image.

“Matt Goodwin,” came the reply. He thought he was being had. But no.

One minute and a couple of handshakes later, each Goodwinfinally met his double.

Double-T Matt, 37, was born and grew up in town.

One-T Mat, as he described himself, moved to the district when wife Renee, who grew up in Bendalong (down the street from Matt), became pregnant with their first child and they wanted to return to be close to family.

“When I first arrived and worked at Bannisters, a girl I worked with who knew Matt flatly refused to believe me when I said my name,” Mat said.

Mat, 40, works at the Early Bait and Tackle shop on Wason Street and loves fishing rivers and estuaries.

Matt is the boss at Bawley Point IGA. Game fishing for marlin and tuna is his thing.

At this point of the storyyou’d have to say they must have met in all those 13 years when game-fishin’ Matt went to buy his bait from Mat.

Nuh. Wife Maria’s Ulladulla fishing family (the Laganas) provides Matt with all the bait he can heave into the ocean.

Well surely their worlds were destined to collide when Matt until school Year 11 grew up just down the road from Renee’s family at Bendalong?

No. After that year Matt moved to Ulladulla and in the ensuing years worked variously for IGA Milton (twice) for several years and Coles before buying IGA at Bawley Point.

Next month he and Maria will have owned Bawley IGA five years.

Mat and Renee have four children, Olivia,13, Abbey, 12, Owen, 8 and daughter third daughter Eden, 5.

Matt’s and Maria’s three children are Rochelle, 14, Joseph 9 and Dominic, 5.

When their universes next collide, it’s Matt’s shout. Or Mat’s? Or maybe Maria’s.

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