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Tip: Podiatrist Tom Do Canto warns women to make sure their toes have enough room to wriggle around and aren’t jamming against the top of their ballet flats or heels.People oftenneglect to look after theirfeet even thoughthey are our most common mode of transport.
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Foot Health Month: Continued wear of shoes that don’t have sufficient room can lead to corns, calluses, ingrown toenails and arch pain.

We will walk more than 128,000 kilometresin our lifetime – equivalent to three times around the world.

Podiatrists aretrained to prevent, diagnose, treatand rehabilitate medical and surgical conditions of the feet and lower limbs.

Areyour feet a sore point?

Then October’sFoot HealthMonth is theperfect time totake a step towards caring foryour feet.

The Australasian PodiatryCouncil, Australia’s peakbody for podiatry, hosts FootHealth Month annually.

The council’sBrendaTonkin saidfeet takea lot of force over extendedperiods of time. Pain is common in theheels, balls of the feetandarches.

According to thecouncil, standing in one spotor walking for more thanfour hours at a time is a riskfactor – and “proper foot careis paramount to relievingdiscomfort and preventingmore serious injuries fromoccurring”.

Tips from the AustralasianPodiatry Council include:

Your toes should not touchthe end of your shoesRegular wearers of high-heeled shoes place morepressure on the balls oftheir feet and walk less efficiently than those wearersof flat shoesShoes that are properly fitted with a sturdy heel box,good arch support andappropriate cushioning arerecommendedChange position regularlyKeep muscles mobile togive pressure points a restMany problems can beprevented by keeping feetclean and dry:inspectthem for corns, callusesand cuts and keep yourtoenails in good conditionPodiatrists offer professional treatment services tohelp prevent and managefoot conditions across all facets of the community including fitting custom orthotics,treating high-risk feet,sportspodiatry,treatment for children,taking care of ingrowntoenails and skin conditionssuch as corns and callusesand helping you choose footwear to adequately supportyour feet at work.

Podiatrists will bevisiting workplaces duringOctober across Australia.

Tom Do Canto, podiatrist at Walker Street Sports Podiatry in North Sydneytold The Huffington Post Australia, “One of the biggest complaints we see in both men and women is pain due to skin, nail and muscular conditions caused by their work shoes.”

“When it comes to work shoes, you should be looking for natural leather with little or no seams or stitching across the toes and top of the foot. Instead, choose a shoe with a single panel that will stretch around the toes.”

“They should be 100 per cent comfortable out of the box,” he said.

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