Short Takes

RECEIVING our renewal on next year’s home insurance, $27 increase in premium, mildly over-charged in line with CPI. Then looking down at the state government charges:$6.75 increase in stamp duty, $32.38 increase on the FSL. How much is in the FSL levy? Don’t we pay income tax to fund the fire service? Wasn’t stamp duty to be abolished on insurance policies and such on the introduction of the GST? I suppose when you sell every asset income-generating thing the people owned, you have to rob them to make up what you have sold the people out for. Welcome to the Liberals’ NSW.
Nanjing Night Net

Gary Howard, CardiffTODAYis universal children’s day, like. Like, you know, like, the way like teenage, like girls, like, you know, talk, like. Like, I like think you know, like, like they like might like, you know like, be like, you know like, from another like universe, like you know, like.

Steve like Barnett, Fingal BayGUNSand banks have a lot in common. If you have a gun you can rob a bank. But if you have a bank, you can rob everyone.

Richard Ryan, Summerland PointOver 90 per centof shark attacks happen early of a morning and on sunset, which is their feeding time. So how about people do some homework on our sharks’ lives and it might just save your life.

Colin Geatches, MayfieldJAMES McKenzie has cancer of the parotid gland, diagnosed in 2014, and the future for him is not looking great. There is a treatment available, but not on the PBS, so his wife has resorted to a public fund-raising appeal for his treatment.My question to the Prime Minister is this: Malcolm Turnbull, why were you prepared to spend upwards of $200 million of taxpayers’ money on a plebiscite on same-sex marriage, when that money could be much better spent on making the lives of cancer sufferers better and treatment more affordable? Have the courage of your convictions, stand up to the extreme right of your party, tell them where to go and take the vote to Parliament.

Beverly Page, Adamstown HeightsTHE POLLSWHAT concerns you more?

Refugees and immigrants 50%,The idea of the Australian way as limited to “beer, bacon on hamburgers and the availability of the Australian flag to wear as a garment”50%DO you think there needs to be tighter development controls to protect the Hunter’skoala habitat?

Yes 97.8%,No 2.2%HOW do you rate the Jets’ record so far?

Exceeding expectations 56.7%,Meeting expectations 19.5%,Needs improvement 23.8%MESSAGEBOARDWINDALE Anglican Church is having a garage sale on Saturday, November 19, from 8am.The church helps disadvantaged and marginalised people. We provide free morning teas, lunches, outings, cheap clothing, social events and friendship. The church has a weekly drop in centre and op shop, open Tuesday and Wednesday mornings in the church hall, on the corner ofMerrigum StreetandBalemo Crescent, Windale.